A podcast for CTO's about
Software & Digital Transformation

We interview founders, entrepreneurs, and executives about eCommerce, Enterprise Software and Open-Source.

In the Pioneers. series, we explore the mindset and technologies required to shape the future of eCommerce.

In the Challenge Accepted. series, we put theory into practice in order to solve a specific problem, and tell you all about it.

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CTO-CTO is a global community and podcast for Chief Technology Officers in eCommerce who want to continue reaching for the next level both in their careers and in the industry.

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“When hosting a webinar series with eCommerce CTOs, I saw this lively debate kept coming up every time we were on-air."

I wanted to create a place where we could have debates every day, share knowledge, solutions, and inspirations. This community is not just a platform for opinions. It’s a fantastic place for peer-to-peer support and learning, based on objective, honest and factual discussions about our sector.

// Piotr Karwatka, CTO of Divante
// Host and co-founder
// LinkedIN

“We need podcasts now more than ever"

Forming communities of like-minded individuals as a way to uplift, educate and inspire each other is not a new idea. But podcasts take this idea to the future, across boarders, cultural boundaries and personal limitations. That's why I love them so much.

// Agata Solecka, Podcaster
// Host and co-founder
// LinkedIN